Portfolio of Graffiti Artists (or Street Artists)


Here are artists whom we can arrange for you. The artists have a broad range of versatility. These are just a sample - there are many other artists as well. It is arranged in alphabetical order.

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Artist AJL

AJL is known for her vibrant style. With a background in graffiti letters, she experiments with vivid street art characters to expand her mural style and develop her art further.
A brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, she obtained a Masters in Environmental Sustainability and is an advocate for the environment. She uses her art as a medium of expression.

mural of colorful tiger
painted picture of woman
mural of a lion
large artwork of of a tiger





Artist DMA

woman with magnifying glass
portrait Spike Lee
artwork of children peering through wall
painting of subway train in station



Artist DMI

DMI paints photo realistic portraits and landscapes, along with traditional graffiti style letter work. With over 10+ years experience painting all over the word his work is unique in style and sure to fit your event. He has experience leading workshops with people of all ages and from all backgrounds. It's through this constant collaboration that his work continues to grow.

man with candles
mural of young girl
mural portrait of Eddie Murphy
large artwork of woman's portrait



Artist ESP

wall with painted art on it
painted mural on wall
artwork display in gallery
picture of painted artwork



Artist RD

cartoon parent and child
cartoon cigarettes
artwork of cartoon woman holding mystical object
cartoon character urinating in bathroom



Artist SHA

mural on front of building
painted artwork on canvas in forest
bright artwork painted on wall
woman posing in front of wall mural



Artist VTI

mural on front of building
painted artwork on canvas in forest
graffiti piece on wall
spray paint mural on wall



More about artists services and hiring graffiti artists


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