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Long Island City Walking Tour in Queens

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Welcome to Queens – a most diverse place on the earth!

Queens is the largest of NYC’s boroughs, and it’s the most diverse. Half of the population is foreign born!

Delve into Queens with an excursion through Long Island City – one of NYC’s hottest new neighborhoods. In recent years this rapidly-growing district has been revealed as a blooming gem. A transformation is deep underway, and it’s astonishing: a vast forgotten industrial zone being revitalized from the ground up - turning into a top place to live, work and play. Old factories and infrastructure are now giving way to parks, hi-rise towers and cultural institutions. This Queens neighborhood is the #1 place of construction in New York City.

Experience Long Island City’s unique vibe on a walk through the neighborhood. Feel the scale of the infrastructure that defines western Queens – a maze of tracks, bridges and trains. Then see raw industry transition into sleek modern housing. Check out established and newly budding cultural institutions. Stroll through one of the NYC’s top urban parks, and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of Midtown Manhattan. Plus discover a secret, unexpected urban oasis!

Take this all in while learning about the area’s history (a tale of boom-and-bust industry); and the extent of its current urban renewal. Can you guess which common supermarket product has left an indelible impact on the revitalized waterfront?

By the end of this tour you will have experienced a unique off-the-beaten-track district just minutes from Manhattan; and you will have discovered why Queens is quickly and quietly becoming the new cool!


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Revitalized industrial lifestyle in NYC’s biggest borough

2 hours
  • Visit an up-and-coming area that is NYC’s next hot neighborhood.
  • Experience beautiful urban revitalization and learn about the industrial boom-and-bust which preceded it.
  • Discover little-known cultural sites and urban parks.
  • Enjoy outstanding views of Midtown Manhattan and its landmark skyscrapers.
  • Learn history and tidbits about NYC’s largest borough.
  • Schedule: Wednesday - 12:00pm | Friday - 3:00pm | Sunday - 9:30am
Meeting Point:

2706 Queens Plaza South

Long Island City NY 11104

New York City

Meeting place is in front of 'Triple Shots' coffee shop.

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