Attention: we will be partially closed from April 23 to May 5. There will be a reduced schedule of public tours, and we will not be able to schedule any private tours. The phones will not be operated (except for matters related to the tours scheduled during this time). To contact us, please email - we will try to contact you back as soon as we can. Please forgive us for any inconveniences. We will be back running full speed on March 6!!!


Hassidic Jewish Culture Tour


This is for private groups. It is available any time. It is fully customizable. We can accommodate 1-100+ people.

Travel back 200 years on a visit to the mysterious community of Ultra-Orthodox Hassidic Jews. Their isolated life of steadfast religious observance makes them the most traditional folks in the Western World. Witness the attire, customs and famous large families (6-10 children or more), and learn about the challenges of maintaining faith-based lifestyle in the face of today's modern society.

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