Graffiti & Street Art Workshop Lesson in New York City (Brooklyn)

Ready to get down and dirty with graffiti?

Enjoy a hands-on lesson which will teach you about this controversial art form.

The program consists of the following: a 30 minute walking tour, and then a 60 minute lesson.

The price is $270 for up to 4 people. Then $15 for each additional person up to 16.

For groups larger than 16, please contact us for group pricing.

In recent years graffiti and street art have become increasingly more popular and appreciated by the public. Simple scrawls have evolved into detailed mural compositions. Now is the time to learn more about this exploding artistic phenomenon!

A respected New York City artist will immerse you in this underground world. They will begin the workshop by walking you through a brief overview and history. Then he or she will introduce you to basic painting techniques and theories. This includes tags (small), throw-ups (medium) and pieces (large). See a live demonstration of basic techniques and observe the artist’s process. Then get ready to participate hands-on!

Become an amateur graffiti artist yourself by working on a colorful masterpiece under the tutelage of your expert instructor. Everyone will get a chance! Watch the canvas or wall come to life with vibrant colors. By the end of this workshop you will leave with an introductory understanding of graffiti and its history. You will have learned basics of the trade and will have created your very own piece of graffiti art!

This is currently available only for private groups. This is not currently offered on regularly-scheduled public basis. 

Workshop usually takes place in Brooklyn or New York City.

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Here are some basics of the graffiti workshop: 


A tag is the most basic type of graffiti. It is essentially a signature - the psuedonym of the tagger. It is executed quickly, and is almost always just one color. Tags are not meant to impress with their visual appearance; it is more about quantity than quality. To deploy a tag in an unauthorized public place is called "getting up." Getting up in lots of places will attract attention or admiration from other graffiti writers.

Writing a tag is easy and anyone can do it (in a legal setting, of course!). Just pick a catchy name and write it out. First start simple; then you can develop details that will make your tag into a unique callsign. 

Graffiti tag in Brooklyn



A throw-up is the mid-size of graffiti. It is larger than a tag and takes more time. A throw-up will be more visually detailed than a tag; and will take somewhat longer time to execute. Here is where artistic talent comes into play. A throw-up will have some basic details and embellishments. A throw-up will have exactly two colors: an outline; and fill. It will demonstrate some moderate lettering skills.

Once you have developed tagging skills you can go on to do throw-ups. You will need some experience in order to create it in a quick and efficient manner.

Brooklyn graffiti throw up



A masterpiece - AKA a 'piece' - is the forum for demonstrating advanced graffiti painting skills. A piece will be large, colorful, and detailed. It will have at least 3 colors. It will feature bold lettering, usually in a specific graffiti style (ex. Broadway style, wild style). Because masterpieces takes longer to paint, they are most often done in a secluded or authorized location. Creating a masterpiece in a public place is prohibitively difficult. A piece is quality over quantity.

You will need experienced, finely-honed skills in order to create an impressive graffiti masterpiece.

Brooklyn graffiti masterpiece


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