Get a Free Graffiti Artwork on Your Wall or Property


Do you have a wall for a graffiti artwork to be displayed? Do you have a place where an artist can paint? It can be a wall, gate, roof or even a car/truck! We will send graffiti artists to make something nice.

You can browse the selection of artists, to determine whose work you like best. Please note that this is subject to availability, since the artist is not earning any income from this.

The artist's motive for painting is exposure - therefore usually the surface must be openly visible to the public. This will be a creation of the artist's conception - subject to your approval. They will confer with you, to show what they intend to make. You can provide some general input about the artwork, but it is not a personal mural for you and therefore will not be customized beyond a basic courtesy. We also offer customized artworks which the artists can be hired to provide.

This is provided for free - you do not need to pay. However it will be very helpful if you can cover costs or assist with supplies. Generally that can be around $250-500. However if you cannot contribute at all, we will still get the mural painted.


Portfolio - Please browse our portfolio of street artists. Then inform us of which artist(s) you like! Please be aware that costs can vary among the artists.

View the portfolio of available graffiti artists


Artist painting on car

mural of a lion


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