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The secret is out: Brooklyn is hot!

Brooklyn, New York City has become a foremost capitol of creativity, culture and innovation. Its vibrant neighborhoods brim with energy - on streets packed with restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Skilled artisans craft tasty, healthy and sustainable culinary creations. Artists experiment with new mediums and designs. And street fashion sets trends across the globe, fueled by independent jewelry, accessory and fashion designers.

Man selling artisanal pickles at Brooklyn market

Meanwhile, Brooklyn's immigrant communities and ethnic enclaves are a kaleidoscope of diversity: offering tastes, sounds, and smells from every corner of the planet. Their ambitious residents have brought traditions, customs and culture from their native countries, contributing ever further to the vast melting pot of the borough's neighborhoods.

View of Manhattan Bridge

The lure and attraction of Brooklyn lies in its deep and proud history, which becomes increasingly more recognized and cherished. It has played a pivotal role in shaping the face of both the United States and the world. The pinnacle of Brooklyn's historical greatness was the Industrial Age of manufacturing, when it produced more than half of the supply of sugar for the entire world, and was the breeding ground for such inventions as chewing gum, air conditioning, and the teddy bear. Its mighty factories were fueled by waves of immigrants who settled its districts and called them home. These bootstrap communities produced more influential, legendary and infamous people than can be counted: Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Al Capone, Michael Jordan, Jay-Z and more...

historic image of brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn's blend of modern innovation, international culture and longstanding history creates a unique, unparalleled environment. One which possesses a distinct flavor and character that can be found nowhere else on earth.

The mission of Brooklyn Unplugged Tours is to reveal this environment and make it accessible to all, from first time visitors to natives of New York City. We aim to present Brooklyn in a way that will immerse, fascinate and provoke thought in anyone, regardless of their background or where they are from. In addition to exploring Brooklyn as it is today, we seek to share an understanding of its past, and then perhaps get an idea of what lies ahead in its future. 

We do not merely observe as outsiders, but actively participate. The experiences we provide are interactive and encompass all five human senses: sight, taste, sound, smell and touch. 

Our tours are entertaining, educational, tasty and most of all FUN!

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About Our Tours

Walking tours

We offer scheduled public walking tours that meet in Brooklyn. The group sizes are generally small, making for a personal experience.

The Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour, takes place in Williamsburg (Brooklyn's trendiest district). The tour serves as an overview and introduction to Brooklyn: the culture, local lifestyle, history and street art. The tour gets a mixed crowd of international visitors, domestic tourists and residents of New York and surrounding regions.

Another popular public tour is the Graffiti & Street Art Walking Tour, which takes place in the artsy neighborhood of Bushwick. It is the cosmopolitan 'frontier' that is now the center of the raw, creative art scene in New York City, and is loaded with incredible murals and urban art.

Our public Graffiti Art Workshop is an introduction to spray painting. It's a hands-on demonstration led by a professional artist. Lots of fun!

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Private and Custom tours

We offer private and custom tours which are crafted and personalized to suit any interest, need or theme. The tour route and logistics are planned from scratch, making each tour a unique, intimate experience.

Our private and custom tours are popular with families, friends and colleagues. It's also not unusual for someone to take a tour by themself! They can be done on foot (walking) or in a vehicle We can provide a vehicle or you can bring your own (a professional driver is required).

Popular themes for our private and custom tours are culture, shopping, history, neighborhoods and street art. We are happy to provide suggestions about what to do/where to go on your tour, where to meet, and how long the tour should be.

It's as simple as contacting or calling us: we'll guide you through the whole process and ensure an unforgettable time for your group!

More info about our private and custom tours

Message From Jeff

Jeff Stirewalt walking tour guide

Hi, I'm Jeff Stirewalt, founder of Brooklyn Unplugged Tours!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and founded the company in 2012 after studying business management at Brooklyn College.

Here at Brooklyn Unplugged we're passionate and eager to share the energy, vibes and magic of Brooklyn with you. Our express goal is to provide a personal, memorable experience: one of new discoveries, fun times, and quality bonding. Thanks alot for coming to check us out. I warmly invite you to browse our selection of tours. We're super flexible, so don't hesitate to contact us with any special requests or questions. We look forward to meeting you in person, and having a great time together!

Oh, and you wanna know what “Unplugged” means!? You'll have to come on a tour to find out ;-)

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